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Leaf spring pin and hanger pins-spring recognition and detection of common sense

Steel pin and hanger pin is spring connection of important parts of the frame, the front end combined with steel pins and lifting lug connected to the frame, the back-end with a steel pin and lug pin and hanger after combining to connected to the frame, with locking screws. Steel pin and hanger pin is a long cylindrical shafts, have oil passages in the center of the PIN, end with nozzle, liner form available for filling grease lubrication sales. Leaf spring pin and lug pin detection methods are as follows: 1) by Visual or 5-10 magnifying glasses to check the appearance of the PIN, and lubricant oil hole pins are connected, butter mouth hole is threaded. Pin the magnaflux inspection should be no crack, tested after demagnetization. 2) when measuring the hardness, with v-shaped rest cooperate, test site from the end 20-25, indentation test should be trimmed. 3) pin diameter dimensions measured with a micrometer. 4) surface roughness compared with standard or the standard sample checks. 5) integrated external screw thread ring gauges and gauges test.