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Metal spring Enterprise calls for industry standards with international standards

After years of development, both grade and the quality of domestic spring there have been qualitative changes, but with the economic development, especially the automotive, power generation, rail transport and the rapid development of urban public transport, and other major industries, brought huge market in spring at the same time, also proposed another "problem". The past, these "problems" before, domestic enterprises can only be looked "difficult". But after years of effort, when Springs industries when mastering advanced technology, raw materials and equipment problems are becoming increasingly prominent, resulting in some spring production enterprises had to pay high prices and, therefore, of raw materials, production and testing equipment become the bottleneck of springs industry development in China. Although after metallurgical industry and equipment manufacturing of years efforts, these problem has ease, but currently also far meet can't spring industry of needs, especially some high-end raw materials, to completely solution this problem, the Association in recent years focus development and this related of enterprise, and let these enterprise as Association of governing units, participation spring industry of market research, and products development, and quality guarantee, series activities, synchronization development, common improve.