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Spring fact: what spring fracture cause of the exception

Spring is one of the important components in the machinery. Its many types, classified by shape: coil springs, plate (sheet) spring, disc spring, round spring, plane (truncated cone) spiral coil spring; divided by bearing characteristics: compression, tension and torsion springs. Stress of the spring are: bending, torsional stress, tensile or compressive stress and the stress, and so on. Spring failure modes are: fracture, deformation, wear, loose,. The primary analysis of fracture and deformation (relaxation). 1. brittle fracture: spring break most belonged to brittle fracture. Only when the temperature is high, the fracture may occur. In the works on the fatigue and stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement, known as brittle fracture 2. Fatigue fracture: fracture of spring under cyclic loading. 3. the stress-corrosion cracking: under tensile stress and corrosion caused by springs breaking. 4. corrosion fatigue fracture: spring under cyclic loading or corrosive effects of fracture. 5. Black crisp, cadmium embrittlement and hydrogen embrittlement: result of spring materials with high impurity content in brittle fracture. 6. wear: wear is divided into: fracture, fatigue and corrosion wear of abrasive.