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Spring manufacturing technology

In spring in cold forming technology, made mainly by oil quenching and tempering of the spring material, lead bath annealing heat treatment Spring wire, cold-drawn reinforcing wire, use of such materials in the manufacturing process of spring generally does not require special heat treatment and stress relief annealing is required only, spring design working stress associated with the material properties. Cold forming process suitable for smaller diameter spring, or shapes are more complex shaped Springs, such as wire diameter is less than 15mm, cards, tension and torsion springs, convex, concave and curved in spring and so on. Is characterized by cold-forming process: process simple, avoiding the heat treatment distortion and decarbonization happens again. Hot forming process of the spring, spring production using hot-rolled material annealed material, annealing, cold drawn material using such material Springs need to be heated, quenched and tempered heat treatment, design working stress of the spring associated with the selected materials and heat treatment process. Spring forming process generally is suitable for larger diameter, or simple shape of spring, such as wire diameter larger than 6mm cylindrical or conical spring. Hot forming process is the product of the multiplier effect is large, can production line large diameter spring.