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Stainless steel spring cleaning method

According to surface wash method: General notes cleaning note the Spring does not occur when you scratch the surface to avoid using bleach composition and abrasive washing liquid, steel ball-bearing (brush roller ball), grinding tools, in order to get rid of the washing liquid, washing at the end, rinse surface with clean water. Surface State and the washing method dust and easy removed scale--with SOAP, and weak lotion or with warm water washing; label and the posted film--with warm water, and weak detergent to scrub; bond agent components--using alcohol or organic solution; fat, and oil, and lubricants pollution--with soft of cloth or paper wipe dry yihou with neutral of detergent or ammonia solution or dedicated washing drug to washing; bleach and species acid attached--immediately water flush, with ammonia or neutral carbonate Su water solution in soaking, Hou with neutral detergent or warm water washing;