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The principle of strengthening technology

Strengthening technique is the use of fast-moving stream of projectile impact on metal surfaces and surface cyclic plastic strain, which led to the favorable changes in microstructure and surface introducing compressive residual stress field. Surface microstructure and residual compressive stress field is to improve the fatigue of metallic materials and its spring break and stress corrosion cracking resistance of two intensive factors to improve the reliability and durability of the spring. Fortification is a "cold treatment" process is different from the thermal processing of metal parts at high temperatures. Under compressive stress is usually extended to surface 0.005 "to 0.030" deep. If necessary, or by changing the process parameters, such as size, fuel injection/ejection speed, fuel injection/ejection angle, injection/ejection time to compressive stress layer depth increased. Two important parameters of the assessment results is intensity and coverage. Coverage (100%, 200%, or larger) rely mainly on Visual inspection, the strength you will need to measure representative specimen of spring steel.