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Torsion Springs Necessary Information

Torsion spring necessary information

Torsion Spring is the extreme of the variations in the Spring, from single torsional Spring to double torsional Spring Torsion Spring abnormity, and the deformation of various Torsion bar, in accordance with the design shape.
So when the design is also more difficult to master
Torsion spring necessary information:
(1) free length.
(2) to control the diameter of outer diameter, inner diameter (b) : (a), (c) the inside diameter of casing, or (d) through the outer diameter of round rod.
(3) the wire size "lines".
(4) materials (type and grade).
(5) the number of turns (a) the total number of laps and (b) a right-handed or left-handed.
(6) torque: number of pounds of deflection to a certain Angle.
(7) maximum deflection (free position to calculate the Angle).
(8) end of the form.
Please note: material diameter (d), outer diameter (d), length (L), free height (Lo), and other geometric dimensions, such as guide torque (T 2 1 T... T j) and the corresponding and corresponding torsion Angle (Ψ)