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Disc Spring Applications

In the context of a large, disc springs replace cylindrical helical spring. Often used in heavy machinery (such as presses) and artillery, aircraft and other weapons, as powerful cushioning and damping spring, as an automobile and tractor clutch and pressure of the relief valve springs, as well as the energy storage components of mobile devices. Disc spring depending on the cross section can be divided into three categories: General disc springs (the section with a rectangular shape), with radial grooves of the disc springs, disc springs with trapezoidal cross section. General disc shaped spring is divided into has support surface and no support surface two class; with radial Groove of disc shaped spring is in General disc shaped spring of based Shang, along radial opened several a uniform distribution of slot, slot can by bore to outside round direction opened, also can by outside round to within hole direction opened; trapezoidal section disc shaped spring can is divided into within margin thickness is greater than foreign aid thickness type and within margin thickness is less than outside round thickness type two class.