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Discussion Of Spring Development

Design: the widely used spring stress and rigidity calculation of elementary mechanics of materials derived from the formula is, in the absence of adequate practical experience, it is difficult to design and manufacture high precision springs. With the improvement of design stress, past experience, many are no longer applicable. In recent years, the FEM (finite element method) study on the design method of large part has entered a practical stage. To materials used in the construction of data base, metal mechanics basic research should be strengthened; in order at the design stage to predict fatigue life and relaxed, as a basis for selecting materials and stress data, must master the FEM technology. Raw material: carbon and alloy materials of poor quality, varieties, specifications are incomplete. Factory unpeeled, and testing of raw materials, surface and internal defects serious fluctuation in tensile strength (up to 10-20N), affect spring quality and business efficiency. Raw materials have affected the development of spring industry, you need to improve quality, develop, create brand, meet the needs of industry, import substitution. Spring material, besides from outside the chemical solution, mainly deals with the reduction of nonmetallic inclusions and surface quality and dimensional accuracy control.