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Factors Affecting Fatigue Strength Of The Spring

1. Yielding strength of material relationships between yield strength and fatigue limit, generally speaking, the higher the yield strength of the material, higher fatigue strength, therefore, in order to improve the fatigue strength of the spring should seek to increase the yield strength of spring materials, or the use of materials with high ratio of yield strength and tensile strength. Of the same materials, fine grain structure than the coarse and fine grain structure has a high yield strength. 2. Surface material surface of maximum stress occurs in the spring, so the surface has great effect on fatigue strength of spring. Spring materials in the process of rolling, drawing and rolling caused by cracks, defects and scars and other defects is often the reason for spring fatigue. 3. Dimensions of the material, the greater the size effect, due to a variety of cold and hot working process is more likely caused by defects, have a greater possibility of surface defects, which would result in performance degradation. In the fatigue strength of the spring is calculated taking into account influence of size effects.