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Spring Material And Allowable Stress

Spring in work often by variable load or impact load of role, to guarantee spring can lasting reliable to work, its material must has high of elastic limit and fatigue limit, while should has enough of toughness and plastic, and good of can heat treatment sex, simple introduced about 1: carbon pigment spring steel this spring (for example 65, and 70th, steel,) of advantages is price cheap, raw materials source convenient, shortcomings is elastic limit low, times repeat deformation Hou easy lost elastic, and cannot again 130 degrees of temperature Xia normal work. 2: low-manganese spring steel the steel spring (65Mn) compared with carbon spring steel, the advantage of good hardenability and high strength disadvantage is the hardened brittle cracks and hot. But because of the cheap price, so commonly used in the manufacture of General machinery size spring, clutch spring for example. 3: SI-MN spring steel the steel (such as 60Si2Mn) since joined the silicon, so can significantly improve the elasticity limit and improved tempering stability, thus tempering at a higher temperature, so as to obtain good mechanical properties. SI-MN spring steel has been widely applied in industry, generally used in the manufacture of automotive, tractor coil springs.