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What's Inside The Stainless Steel Spring Elements

We know that stainless steel spring is spring in General, to be more beautiful in appearance, and resistance to corrosion, but on the elastic properties of stainless steel spring and spring generally doesn't make any difference, jinjian spring metal products co, Suzhou city below take you to see in the spring is made of what material, which determines the price difference between a stainless steel spring. Added to stainless steel spring elements, or different elements in the material will affect the properties of stainless steel spring. Stainless steel spring is based on iron, add other elements, such as: carbon, chromium, nickel, copper, cobalt, manganese, nitrogen, thereby increasing the stainless steel, flexibility, high-temperature resistance and other characteristics. That various elements in stainless steel springs are up to what effect? "Chrome" in the use of stainless steel spring is very important, (for each add different amounts of chromium in stainless steel), we all know corrosion resistance of stainless steel is easily oxidized, it is the role of chromium in stainless steel spring, because he can make wafers, so as to achieve corrosion resistance role.